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Apart of the amazing scent and the indescribable taste you'll learn everything of importance about truffles.

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Who we areWelcome at Truffles-Knapp

It is a strange feeling holding a trufffle in your hands and to scent its amazing aroma. What is it that the truffle wants to tell us?

The passion for truffles of our familiy has been initiated by the ties of friendship to truffle-hunters in the native country of Véronique Knapp-Bret in southern France.

Driven by the enthusiasm for this strange fungus a small local business rised which developed to become a super-regional one since the business-registration the 18th December 1982.

We select truffles an buy them from our truffles hunters around europe exclusively in their natural environment - their soil. And we keep them in their environment, as it provides the ideal storage conditions.

Each single truffle is beeing controlled by a family member, brushed dry and selected for each customer specifically. With the experience of many years, we have learnt to distinguish bad from good truffles through the sense of vision, the sense of smell and the sense of touch.

Even the delivery or distribution is beeing done by a family member. This is our commitment to our customers.

The preserved truffles are produced by us according to a recipe from truffle hunters in a gentle manner without antidegredant. Products from other manufacturer are only sold by us, if we are convinced from the quality of the products and the services provided.

Our passion for truffles hasn't changed and is still the focus of our philosophy. We would like to share all our knowledge about truffles with you. On this site, during phone calls, seminars, cookery courses and excursions.

If you'd like to learn more about truffles, than compare the 9 different kind of truffles that are officially alloud for trade in France in an overview or get specific details about each of them - like the Périgord Truffle or the Alba Truffle.

Finaly, you'll get the latest information about the current season in the season-news section. We hope you enjoy the reading.

Tristan Knapp Tristan Knapp, Truffle enthusiast


Dear Mr. Knapp, the last shipment of truffles was all good. This week we had Truffle-omelette and Truffle-risotto,... all really delicious ... Many thanks!

A customer

This enterprise is recommendable!

"Der Feinschmecker" - 2003

We wish you a good, successfull and happy new year 2015. The truffle was excellent! Thank you very much and kind regards.

Another happy customer