Seasonstart 2015

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Summer-Truffle with Truffle-Slicer Summer-Truffle with Truffle-Slicer © Trüffel-Knapp Featured

Underestimated Summer-Truffle? ...

The Summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) didn't had an easy start with us. The reason for this is the Périgord-Truffle, that is settled as the queen of truffles. It is and stays our passion.

But nevertheless - since we started to engage our selfs into the distribution of summer truffles, we've learned to appreciate this type of truffles. Why? Because they exist, those truffles with the specific aroma and the fine taste.

The most important is, that the summer truffle reaches its full maturity, then it has this fantastic haselnut flavor that enriches pasta dishes or summer salads. Meanwhile we know the summer truffles very well and are able to distinguish good from bad ones. We select them according to our high quality standards for our customers. On Weekends harvested for us freshly and the week afterwards already on your plate.

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