Alba TruffleTuber Magnatum Pico

Alba Trüffel

The Alba truffle is certainly one of the best know truffle types - and the most expensive one as well. It is also called Piemont-Truffle or - more commonly - white truffle. It is the most appreciated truffle type in Italy.

Their skin is even and of yellow-green to ocher-yellow color. Their flesh is firm and their color is yellow-green, pale cream or brown with white to brownish marbling. Its taste reminds of a composition of garlic, shallot and cheese.

In the italian cuisine the white truffle is used to provide a golden touch to pasta or rice dishes. It is planed in fine slices or rasped freshly over the dish, as it will loose its taste as soon as it is cooked. This is also the reason why Alba truffles do not exist in preserved form.

In contrast, the white Alba truffle has nearly no significance in the frensh cookery, as the Périgord Truffle is more popular there.

Body 3 - 8 cm wide, always light-colored, white-yellowish, light beige-colored, ochre-yellowish, sometimes shining greenish. Form is round but often unregular, with cracks and grub traces. Skin is mostly even but sometimes scabby here and there. Flesh is first whiteish, becoming skin-colored with white veins.
Very aromatic comparable to garlic or cheese.
Elusive resembling to garlic, bear's garlic or cheese. Usage predominantly in fresh state, as the taste and odor vanishes once cooked.
Short elliptical, very wide meshed, net-like and ridge-form. Size 25-50 x 20-40 µm.
Italy, Croatia, Spain. Rarly in France.

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