Summer TruffleTuber Aestivum

Summer Truffle

It is a truffle type that grows usually during summer. The first mature summer-truffles can be found during the second part of Mai.

They are harvested until the first Périgord Truffle are mature.

The taste of the Summer truffle is often better than her reputation. The precondition is, that they are mature and correctly cooked.

Their skin is matt black. Its shell is composed of many small pyramidal cusps very similar to the one of the Périgord-Truffle. The flesh is ivory-coloured becoming beige.

Body normally 2-5 cm (sometimes up to 10 cm) wide, round, sometimes with unregular furrows. Skin black-brown to matt black with rough, 5-6 sided pyramidal cusps or verruciform that are densely packed. The flesh is first white, staying light for quite a while and becoming beige at full maturity. It's leavened with fine veins, manifolded branching, gray-beige to gray and white.
Moderate to aromatic mushroom odor. Sometimes however displeasingly tarrily.
As long as the truffle is not mature, it has a bitter taste. Once it is fully mature, this dissapears and receives a pleasent taste of haselnut.
Elliptical in a rough mesh. 20-60 x 14-40 µ wide with short, thick and rigid spikes. In average around 3 to 4 spores per Ascus(spore-tube).

Spores prickly: Musky Truffle (Tuber brumale) Not in a mesh: Périgord Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum)
Southern and Western Europe

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2 to 3 times a year

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